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Fusion Middleware

This middleware service analyzes the application ecosystem built over time that leverages Oracle integration, considers the user experience and evaluates security platforms for relevance and ease of cloud adoption. The service baselines, rates and aligns platform components with appropriate cloud service and deployment models.


Integration Services

The Oracle products we focus on here include Oracle SOA Suite, Data Integration Suite, Governance Suite, AIA and Coherence.


  • Enterprise integration roadmap and planning
  • Enterprise integration platform optimization


  • Enterprise Integration
  • Enterprise Integration Migration & Upgrade


Security Services

Security products we service include Oracle Identity Suite, Oracle Access Management Suite and OWS.


  • Enterprise security roadmap and planning
  • Security vulnerability audit


  • Security implementation
  • Security migration and upgrade


User Experience (UX) Services

We provide User Experience development for Oracle WebCenter, Application Development Framework (ADF) and OAF.


  • Enterprise user experience and roadmap planning
  • Enterprise user assessment and design


  • Enterprise UI development
  • Enterprise UI migration and upgrade


Java and WebLogic Services

The products we service under this category are Java, JavaEE, WebLogic 12c, TopLink, Coherence, Hibernate and Spring.


  • Legacy modernization roadmap and planning
  • Java platform optimization


  • Application development
  • Application migration and upgrade