Business Intelligence

At C Ahead, we are offering complete range of BI solutions to help our clients get the most of their organization’s data, consider their customers’ need better, adapt with ever-changing market conditions, and improve profitability with resources available optimally.

Applying Business Process

It consists of BI adoption, Event monitoring, user empowerment, and organizational deployment.

Enterprise Metrics & Business Strategy

Roadmap development and enterprise data management, business case development, information health assessments, tool and platform evaluations, enterprise metrics management and architecture definition.

Analytic Applications

It includes industry solutions, enterprise analytics services and web analytics

BI Capabilities

BI consolidation and rationalization, analytic application development, data visualization, cloud reporting and BI center of excellence

Information Infrastructure

It includes data architecture, data modeling, master data management, data integration, data quality management, metadata management, design and development, improving data server performance, quality assurance, and data governance and auditing.

Our BI Analytics Service Includes

  • Social Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Stochastic and Deterministic modeling
  • Mathematical modeling in engineering process
  • Knowledge based modeling
  • Meta Heuristics & Gradient optimization
  • Operations research

Our Approach

At C Ahead, we have in-house team of data scientists, business consultants and system integration experts to.

  • Deploy structured model with business to manage/generate analytics demand
  • Qualify and identify analytics opportunities across value chain
  • Deploy proven advanced model for analytics operation
  • Setup advanced analytics center of excellence
  • Develop advanced roadmap


Mobile Analytics and Data Visualization

Data visualization Execution

We have experienced team of data scientists, business consultants and system integration experts. This way, we will –

  • Conduct exploration of data to check out value-based hypothesis
  • Know the true potential in data sources
  • Deploy visualization tools
  • Design virtual infrastructure to allow a set of data to deliver valuable insights
  • Deploy advanced technologies like Lumira, Spotfire, Tableau, Qlikview, Informatica, Denado, IBM InfoSphere, Power Center, Composite Software and Birst

Mobile Analytics

  • Developing roadmap and mobile analytics strategy on pressing needs of the clients and our knowledge of their use cases and their industry
  • Developing solution which can easily connect into current BI infrastructures, whether hosted or in-house cloud solution, or customization solution offered by the partners or bespoke services designed to meet our client’s needs