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Permanent WFM

CAhead brings for its clients an array of well-connected, customized and flexible permanent Workforce management solutions that suit different businesses and industries. These solutions are carefully integrated with an aim to reduce both ‘time-to-fill’ as well as ‘cost-to-fill’ of the organizations. We emphasize on matching suitable talent with his/her kind of job, hence, we openly access both global as well as local networks. Our criterion involve quick identification of right candidates on the basis of their skill, passion and character, so that they can aptly fit in the organization to perform, contribute and give in their best in meeting organization’s long-term goals.

Our alliance with your HR department can give us access to all your working operations and processes of selecting, recruiting, managing and retaining the required working force. It helps us analyze your ways of sourcing, interviewing, selecting, on-boarding and training. In return, we help you access our local and global network and preparing your organization for the expected and unexpected future changes.